If you want a more personal bio… here it is.

I have worked in grocery stores, waterfronts, rivers, coffee shops, funded startups, bootstrapped startups, interactive agencies, publicly traded companies with sales of $4B, in the government sector working on citizen experience for the State of Oklahoma, and leading digital at one of the largest privately held banks in the nation.

All along my career journey I have had the privilege of working with amazing people dedicated to their particular craft. …

There are many leadership consultants, preening to give you advise on what you should and should not be doing in the different stages of your career. The following is a dissenting opinion to the norm. The norm being — you must focus on one thing in your teens and twenties, be consistent, show aptitude and authority on something early, so you can be the expert in the room.

I think this “norm” is a good strategy for an assortment of careers — professors, engineers, surgeons, psychologists, accountants, and other professionals where proficiency is required as a gatekeeper to earning an…

April, 2012 — There was something absurd about today. Ashton Kutcher standing next to me in a cramped office space, brainstorming viral marketing strategies for Dwolla. Him a multimillionaire with a ton of contacts and confidence, me a failed entrepreneur with literally $53.00 in the bank ($100.00 of which was borrowed from my mother-in-law… yep, do the math). As he continued to spout ideas and direction, I couldn’t help but chuckle. I was being coached by Ashton to do the same marketing strategies that a week previous had gotten me fired.

It was peculiar and ironic, surfacing so many dichotomous…

Knowledge is a fertilizer.
When you spread it,
things grow.

Put it in a silo
and add some time,
it becomes inert.

Concentrate it
to one area,
it is toxic.

Knowledge is much like manure on a farm. To activate the soil farmers spread manure feeding nutrients to their crop. The same can be done with your team/business/network — by using knowledge as fertilizer feeding your teams with understanding and competence to grow. It’s coutnerintuitive to spread knowledge, as the expert is always a sought after contributor, but knowledge becomes useless for real change and growth when kept in one…

Flying in New Zealand, circa 2007. Location: the Nevis a 134m high wire bungee jumping destination.

What is creativity? Is it nurtured and cared for throughout your formative years or is it a genetic trait passed down from artistic parents to their offspring?

Creativity is sometimes made into a yes or no question, a black and white observance — you either got it or you don’t. Have you heard these sentences come out of your own mouth or one of your friends, classmates, siblings?

“I’m not creative.”

“I wasn’t born with that ability.”

“Creativity is not something I’m good at.”

These are the unhelpful tripes, that is, excuses used to absolve ourselves from the responsibility creative…

If this community is a tree,
we are roots, and bark, and trunk,
with limbs, and leaves and blossoms.
Yes, you and them,
him and her,
he and she,
each a part of this beautiful tree.

Our roots find their way through the soil,
digging through dirt rich in the blood of martyrs,
testimonies and teaching feed our growth.

Beneath this layer is the bedrock of our faith,
this Jesus — the beginning and the end,
the living word, God incarnate.

His spirit is the aquifer flowing throughout,
bringing living water upwards to quench our thirst,
for life, for meaning, for faith…

Written in 2011. Publishing today as a exercise in radical candor. I encourage anyone dealing with loss — share, talk, reach out to others. It’s in sharing our lives we realize we are not alone.

Nobody ever tells you that pregnancy tests have an expiration date, and in the moment of anticipation you most definitely don’t look at the box for anything more than the directions. Which if you are wondering are quite simple, stick reading end directly in stream of urine for 10 seconds and then wait three minutes. …

There are tears in my eyes,
yet I’m too afraid to cry.

as they well up, I put
my mind against them.

I cross my strong arms,
and build a wall.


I am scared of what
the tears will say.

That I am
not in control.


I am none of these things,
these are alternative facts.

Tears must be
left to run,
to fall,

Tears uncover truth,
and expose empathy.

In allowing myself to
feel the pain of the other,

the strength of their resolve,
persistance in calamity,
hope in tragedy.


“don’t let the tail wag the dog” photo by Sam DuRegger

Corporate life is full of contradictions and incomplete metaphors. It’s an interesting place to spend 40% of your waking hours, an environment full of personalities, agendas, opinions, and egos.

It’s also one of the most socially complex places I’ve ever spent time. In college, the social dynamics in the football locker room was pretty simple — those who worked hard and made plays were respected. Those who worked hard and didn’t make plays were accepted. Those who neither worked hard and never made plays were tolerated, because every squad needs a scout team.

Startups are relatively straightforward as well… those…

Sam DuRegger

writer, thinker, builder & tinkerer. http://samduregger.com

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